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Mission Statement

Mission Statement…

The whole school community seeks to provide the highest possible standard of Primary Education for all our pupils.  We aspire to achieve this in partnership with our parent body.  We focus on the holistic development of our pupils.  We aim to enable children to come to an understanding of the work through the acquisition of knowledge, concepts skills and attitudes and the ability to think critically.  We seek to develop a positive awareness of self, sensitivity towards other people, and a respect for the rights, views and feelings of others.

It consists of the following principles

-  The Christian faith underpins all school life

-  all pupils are equally valued and respected

-  all staff, teaching and ancillary are appreciated and respected

-  Christian moral values are promoted and nurtured

-  religious differences are appreciated and respected

-  parental co-operation and support is recognised as being vital to children’s progress in school.


-  Religious education is seen as a core activity and strong links are maintained with our own church and where possible other local Christian churches.  The school visits for religious services during the school year and local clergy are encouraged to visit the school.

-  Moral issues are approached from children’s perspective and in keeping with the school’s ethos

-  Family bereavement is thoughtfully and sensitively dealt with,     where deemed appropriate and in consultation with     parent/guardians, the school will liaise with services/organizations to assist in supporting our pupils at this difficult time.  For example liaising with the Home Youth Liaison Officer and assessing the Rainbow Programme as well as teaching appropriate SPHE lessons.

- Discussion of local, national and International news is encouraged

- We encourage sensitivities around children with special educational needs – and we encourage children to bring such sensitivity out into the wider community.