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Green Flag

We have attained Green Flags for

1. Litter and Waste

2. Energy

3. Water

4. Travel

5. Biodiversity

6. Global Citizenship



1.  Litter and Waste

Under this theme Castlerock NS formed a committee of parents and children.  This committee along with all of the other children and teachers in the school undertook to form a litter patrol, purchased a composter and separate recycling bins for each room and completed regular school and community “Clean-ups”.  In doing one of these community clean ups our school raised €1206.50 for the Special Olympics Ireland.  Children and teachers also attended a number of exhibitions and talks on the litter and waste theme.


2.  Energy

Under this theme a new committee was formed and school and locality surveys were carried out regarding recycling.  Another community “Clean-up” was carried out.  An Environmental Officer was invited to the school to give a talk about energy conservation.  Children designed posters to encourage energy conservation, energy patrol officers were assigned each week, seeds were planted, children recycled and composted all waste and completed research about energy conservation.


3. Water

Another committee comprising of parents and children along with teachers was set up to work on the water theme.  An environmental officer was invited to come to the school and talk to children and teachers about how water in our school can be conserved.  She gave advice on how to not only conserve water in our school but also in our homes.  A school and home audit was carried out to determine how much water was being used each week and parents gave great feedback regarding ways in which they would now focus on conserving water in the home.  Signs were placed around the school to “turn off the tap” and children again designed posters to promote water conservation.  These were displayed around the school.  Children in the senior classes and teachers visited a local water treatment plant and had a tour of each stage in the water treatment process.  Hippo bags were also placed in the cisterns of each toilet in the school to further conserve water.


4.  Travel

Our fourth green flag was based on the theme of Travel.  Our committee of parents & children undertook this theme in an effort to reduce the number of cars dropping off/collecting at the school and to increase those walking, cycling and taking the bus.  This theme also aimed to promote walking, cycling, car-pooling and taking the bus instead of the car in our wider community.  As part of our project, the children again designed posters to promote walking & cycling instead of using the car.  A new “Green School Motto” was also chosen by the children.  We took part in a number of COW and WOW days which were enjoyed by children, parents & teachers.  A cycle training course was also completed by senior classes in the school.


5.  Biodiversity

Biodiversity was the theme for our fifth green flag.  A committee of new parents and all of the children worked on preserving the species of plants and animals in our school habitat and attracting new ones to the area.  We built a log habitat, an ant hotel and carried out and reviewed habitat studies.  We planted trees and plants in the school grounds and prepared an area of grass which was fertilised by a variety of waste products for a school garden where annual flowers and flowering shrubs were then planted.  We also hung a variety of bird feeders in the school grounds which attracted many species of birds and planted spring/summer window boxes.



6. Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship Litter & Waste was the theme for our sixth green flag.  This involved learning about the management of litter and waste on a global scale.  We continue to manage our school waste and use recycling and composting facilities.  We learned of the effects of how managing our litter and waste has on the world for future generations, on climate change etc – and the hazards of what may happen if we are not diligent about this.